About us

About us

We spend around £330million every year providing vital services to Somerset. On top of that, over the past four years, we have invested around £50m a year, every year, to improve our county.

Somerset is a great place to live, work and play – we all know this, and we also know that it can be so much more. As a rural county, we have great opportunities, more than many other parts of the country, and as a county council we are working hard to make the most of those opportunities.

Somerset County Council is one of the largest employers in the county and we have built strong, positive relationships with our key partners. We also have a superb working relationship with businesses and partners in our Local Enterprise Partnership, delivering massive investment in Somerset.

We work extremely hard for the people of Somerset and want the best people to work with us to continue our ambitions. Our County Plan sets out how we will improve: http://somersetcountyplan.org.uk/

These are challenging times for local authorities but exciting times too, as we become more innovative in the way we deliver public services. We pride ourselves on our “can do” attitude and embrace new technologies and ways of working to support our staff to work more flexibly wherever possible.



The 4Cs

The 4Cs describe our values.

In practise, this means that we think from a customer or a community perspective to make sure we get things right first time and continually improve the services we provide. We must have a clear view of what our customers and service users expect.

We operate a ‘no wrong door’ policy – whichever authority or department deals with the customer’s query, we help them get there. As we build links with other authorities and organisations we talk to each other and our managers about how we think we could change, even the smallest things, for the better.

We work together, establishing positive, respectful and empowering ways of working as strong teams. We act with integrity, communicating clearly, admitting to our mistakes and striving to learn from them. When we think we need to speak out or challenge, we are prepared to do so in a constructive and positive way, but we remain objective.




What are we up to?

This map shows all our projects across the county, take a look around and see what you could be involved in: